Soon after it was founded, the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics began to organise public lectures on aesthetics and art.

In October 2006 a new course of lectures was inaugurated. The speakers are members of the Society and the lectures take place approximately once a month, originally in the Michelis Foundation Library and since January 2009 in the Exhibition and Events Hall of the Michelis Foundation.

To date the following lectures have taken place:


  • Three lectures by A. Kessissoglou, C. V. Proimos and V. Kyrkos. 2011: four lectures by A.-A. Maravelia, V. Petridou, E. Maistrou and Y. Ioannidis with E. Constantopoulos.


  • Six lectures by Y. Rapti, E. Constantopoulos, A. Papageorgiou-Venetas, E. Antzoulatou-Retsila, P. Tournikiotis and A. Kouria.


  • Four lectures by M. Kardamitsi-Adami, A. Glykofridi-Leontsini, A. Papadoperaki and E.Tatla.


  • Six lectures by C. Dimitsantou-Kremezi, Y. Ioannidis, A. Mirasyesis, T. Pentzopoulou-Valalas, N. Chronis and E. Mavrommatis.


  • Two lectures by G. Apostolopoulou and L. Benakis.

From the first period the following lectures are indicative:


  • Two lectures by S. Donadoni and F. Zeri at the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, co-organised with the Institute and sponsored by the Michelis Foundation.


  • A lecture by Philippe Minguet.


  • A series of four lectures by P. A. Michelis, A. Phocas, G. Ziogas and H. M. Austin


  • A series of four lectures by G. Themelis, G. Papaioannou, K. I. Despotopoulos and Mikel Dufrenne.


  • A series of five lectures by A. Hourmouzios, G. Papaioannou, A. Zoumbos, D. Nianias and T. Papatsonis.


  • A series of six lectures by P. A. Michelis, E. Moutsopoulos, D. Fatouros, Y. Sicilianos, A. Terzakis and N. Moutsopoulos.