Publishing is one of the Society’s most important activities

Publications cover three main areas:
• The review Chronika Aisthetikes / Annales d’Esthétique / Annals for Aesthetics
• Studies on Aesthetics
• CDs and DVDs


The review Chronika Aisthetikes / Annales d’Esthétique / Annals for Aesthetics is the official publication of the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics. Its purpose, in parallel with the other activities of the Society, is to promote aesthetics and contribute to the study of aesthetics in Greece

Under the editorial and academic leadership of Panayotis Michelis, Chronika Aisthetikes / Annales d’Esthétique / Annals for Aesthetics became an internationally renowned academic publication of the highest quality. The first volume was published in 1962 and was favourably received internationally

Following Michelis’ death in 1969, his wife, the painter Effie Michelis, undertook to publish the review in collaboration with an Editorial Committee. After her death in 1984, the Michelis Foundation took over the review in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics under the supervision of a new Editorial Committee.

The aim of the review continues to be the free dissemination and exchange of ideas as well as information on international trends in the field of aesthetics, always maintaining the highest academic standards. Chronika Aisthetikes is available all over the world, from Europe and America to Japan, has received favourable reviews, and has succeeded in collaborating with noteworthy philosophers, artists, architects and art historians, both from Greece and abroad, who publish articles on aesthetics and philosophy in Greek, English, French, German or Italian. Chronika Aisthetikes has already celebrated its 50th anniversary. So far 46 volumes have been published, the last of which, issued in 2012, is a double volume (46A’ – 46B’) that commemorates the 50 years of the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics as well as of the Chronika Aisthetikes.

To subscribe to Chronika Aisthetikes / Annales d’Esthétique / Annals for Aesthetics please refer to the “contact” webpage of the Panayotis and Effie Michelis Foundation.


• In Memoriam (1972), The Society paid tribute to Panayotis Michelis with one of its first publications, a collection of articles from a broad range of disciplines in Greek, English, French and Italian.
• Tribute to T. K. Papatsonis (1988), which includes the speeches delivered and the prose and poetry by the poet and academician T. K. Papatsonis that were read at the event organised by the Society in his memory in February 1998.
• Essays on Philosophy and Aesthetics by Georgios Mourelos, with an introduction by professor Tereza Pentzopoulou-Valalas (1992).
• Children and Aesthetic Education, Conference Proceedings (1998).

CDs and DVDs

As part of its publishing programme, the Society has undertaken, with the sponsorship of the Michelis Foundation, the production of a documentary by Nestoras Matsas entitled The Greek Naïf Painters, available on DVD and VHS. A CD with the works for piano of the unforgettable Greek composer Yorgos Sicilianos, who for more than thirty years served on the Society’s Board of Directors, was also produced.